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Lactose intolerant and Keto clean eating- I wholeheartedly recommend the original creamer... It's really the best Coconut creamer out there! It stands up well to my morning espresso and lends a subtle flavorful coconut whisper.  

Haydee S.


Love it! I make ‘lattes’ with it and add frothed steamed almond milk or whatever milk you like. I also add a little agave nectar sometimes.

Jennifer B.


On cloud nine with this Salted Caramel Creamer! My mornings at home just got so much better now that I have this amazing non-dairy coconut creamer to add to my coffee!



I was skeptical about this but it’s very good and a good substitute for someone who needs something hot to drink in the morning and is giving up coffee.

Bethany M.


I use it in my fight against arthritis and inflammation it's great and taste wonderful



I am on the road A LOT so the convenience of these creamers make being on the road so much easier. I love the vanilla, and lets just get real I can’t do plain black coffee.



The matcha green tea latte mix is so amazing! It takes 2-3 tablespoons of mix and 6-8 ounces of hot water.



Favorite mug full o’ joe and my new favorite creamer. 



This tastes great. It satisfies my craving for hot chocolate.

Amazon Customer

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