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coconut mct oil all natural

Coconut MCT Oil

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are derived from coconuts and add a sustained, all-natural boost to your coffee.

Benefits of MCTs
coconut creamer stick on the go

Dried Creamer Powder

It's simple - we just took out the water. Unlike most non-dairy milks, our coconut creamer is dry and portable for travel, the office, or the road.

sustainably sourced coconuts


Did you know that coconut milk has the smallest carbon footprint and least irrigation water compared to dairy, almond, and soy milk?

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coconut milk creamer stick packs dry

Coconut Milk in Coffee

Our Coconuts ➜

What others are saying

Coconut Cloud’s creamer is a coffee game changer. Having a non-perishable travel size coffee creamer I can take anywhere with me is amazing. Now, I can enjoy my coffee without paying for a nondairy milk at the counter.

Amy Murphy

Another staple product for my morning routine is their Matcha Green Tea Coconut Cream Latte. I was amazed by how creamy a powder could become just from a quick stir and extra hot water.

Tim Burton

A coconut creamer as delicious as it is versatile.

From the Coconut Cloud Blog

Chai Spiced Banana Smoothie in a glass

Chai Spiced Banana Smoothie

Enjoy this delicious Chai Spiced Banana Smoothie using our Coconut Cloud Chai Latte Mix!
Dairy Free Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

Dairy Free Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

Get to know our Dairy Free Vanilla Matcha Smoothie!  It might be getting cooler outside but our Vanilla Matcha Smoothie is the perfect year round breakfast or mid-day pick me up.  It's fast, easy and guaranteed to delight.

coconut matcha baked donuts

Coconut Matcha Baked Donuts

Coconut Matcha Baked Donuts

I'm going glazy and coco'nuts for these coconut matcha baked donuts because I love them so matcha! Yes, I know, I've hit my pun limit, but donut worry because I'll stop now... 😂 But seriously, these paleo-friendly, vegan donuts have the perfect blend of sweet coconut and bitter matcha! Buy the Matcha Coconut Cream Latte Powder.

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