Our Story

The idea for Coconut Cloud started on a plane. Our Founder, Kerry, was about to drink her coffee with no dairy free options on board. She drank the coffee black (since she cannot live without coffee!) but knew there was an opportunity for consumers just like her.

Coconut Cloud was born out of Kerry's frustration in finding premium, clean label, dairy free on the go options for her coffee creamer, or for her comforting cup of rich, chocolaty cocoa during the chilly Colorado winters. Her goal was simple when she started Coconut Cloud, she wanted to provide a better-for-you choice for people just like her!

Using her 15+ years of food manufacturing experience, she spent over a year sourcing the highest quality ingredients she could find to produce a line of minimally processed, dairy free beverages.

All of our Coconut Cloud products are certified gluten free and do not contain any unnecessary preservatives or additives that are found in many other dairy free beverages.

We like to say that our products are grown on a tree, not in a lab. Enjoy!

Kerry Carlson

Our Mission

The mission is simple: replace dairy everywhere we can with rich and creamy coconut! We are continuously seeking healthy and delicious solutions to the non-dairy dilemma that conscientious consumers are facing.

The Creamer

Coconut Cloud is a minimally processed dried coconut milk powder that can be used as a creamer for coffee, tea or any hot beverage. It can also be used as a replacement for coconut milk in recipes.

What else?

Our powdered creamer has a two year shelf life and requires no refrigeration. No more sacrificing the taste and creaminess of your morning coffee when you are not at home. Now you can be 100% dairy free, 100% of the time.

Tell me more

Coconut Milk powder is made from freshly pressed coconut milk that is dried and finely milled into a powder. It can be reconstituted with hot water to make liquid coconut milk for all of your coconut milk recipes.