Allergen Information

Allergen information:
All Coconut Cloud products are free from the Top 6 allergens: milk, soy, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and seafood. Our products do contain coconut (which the FDA considers a 'tree nut').
We follow strict BRC and FDA guidelines/regulations when producing any of our allergen-friendly products, and our lines are carefully cleaned and swabbed in between each production run. 
However, our facility is allowed to produce dairy, egg, soy, and wheat products with other clients/brands that we work with and make products for.
We never produce peanut products - we are a completely peanut-free building.
While we are NOT actively running any other these products when our Coconut Cloud items are being produced, there is always the miniscule chance that a particle is in the air that might effect your sensitivity depending on the severity of allergies.
We will leave it to you to make the final decision and what's best for the health of you and your family but please note that we are not a completely allergen-free facility; just an allergen-free product.
Thank you and be well!
- Coconut Cloud Quality Control Department