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Chai Tea Latte Mix
larry Jackson
not happy

still waiting for my order to get fulfilled ..been 14 days now order # 6716

Clean and delicious

Chai Tea Latte Mix

Never got my original creamer.


I love it because it does not have sugar in it.

Product is not what I though. Has very little flavor and you need way more than a tablespoon for it to act like a creamer. Sorry. One and done

Absolutely love it. Amazing taste. Love the natural ingredients.

Mct Oil Effectiveness

Creamer with Mct oil has proven results, body, in my opinion. My shape in mid-section is slowly taking form again. Yaaaee!

This is awesome

We love this dairy free cocoa.

So Yummy!

Love this... especially because all the ingredients are so clean and it tastes great Not too sweet, just perfect and great for those travel days.

Toasted Marshmellow

They sent mint not marshmellow and I don’t like the mint I need to return it and get the marshmellow

Chai Tea Latte Mix
Alexa Hesseltine
You didn't fulfill my order

Rating is based on order still showing it hasn't shipped

Don't have my order

Still don't see an update since January 18th for my USPS tracking number.

Worth It!

This assortment of creamers is worth it. I wanted to try all the flavors. They're all good and I find the taste is enhanced with either almond or oat milk. The hot chocolate wasn't bad, but wasn't great either. I prefer the "coffee", it actually mimics hot chocolate more than the hot chocolate. Overall, good products with great variety. I would definitely recommend!


I love the product. Excellent taste. I’m so incredibly Happy to have found a dairy free and gluten free Mocha Frappuccino mix. I had to go cold turkey not having dairy products. I’m allergic to cows milk and would cough up a storm and started breaking out in eczema from dairy. So when I decided to search and see if there was another way for me to have my lost loved drink and found that you were the answer to my dreams. I can’t thank you enough for being here for people like me who have to be dairy and gluten free. Bless you❣️

Original Coconut Milk Creamer
Christina Wickenkamp
Coffee Not Same Without it

Best non-dairy GF creamer I have found.

Chai Tea Latte Mix
Michelle Toltz
Best Chai

This is the best chai tea drink I’ve found.

Excellent for a vegan drink!

Just the right amount of sweetness, nice smooth cocoa!

Love this! I’ve already reordered.

I love this cocoa! I have been buying it for years.

Swissmiss Dupe

This is a delicious hot cocoa and reminds me of Swiss Miss!! Definitely a staple.

I love it

Taste good

Perfect- just what I was looking for

I get tired of stressing that I can’t find the pumpkin flavor coffee creamer when I shop. This is always available%2C and shelf stable. Mixes with ease and doesn’t clump up. Love it%21

I bought this for my husband and he loves it. I use vegan marshmallows and nut milk to make it extra delicious!