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Did someone say soup? The best winter comfort food is, without a doubt, soup. If cold winter weather and heavy meals have you longing for spring, try cozying up with one of these yummy veggie packed, nutrient-dense, soups. Not only will you be getting the health benefits of a bowl full of veggies, but these soups are simple & delicious.

Vegan Wild Mushroom Stroganoff Soup


Many of us struggle with what to serve to our meat-eating guests while staying true to our vegan lifestyle.  This recipe may just be the answer to your prayers.  This soup is rich in umami thanks to the 3 types of mushrooms that add a rich, deep flavor.  In addition to amazing flavor, the soup has a creamy texture (from coconut cream) and is chock full of noodles, so it is filling enough to appease even those with a big appetite.




Golden Broccoli Soup


If you love creamy broccoli soup, but want a healthier, vegan-friendly version than this soup will be your new go-to recipe!  With just 5 ingredients and very little time commitment (we are talking 30 minutes of cook time)- can you say weeknight dinner winner?!?  This soup is filling, protein-packed with blended raw cashews, and has excellent flavor thanks in part to turmeric.  This soup will definitely make you re-think the traditional broccoli cheddar soup of your childhood.  It's that good!




Miso Soup

Miso soup is a very popular appetizer at Japanese restaurants- and for good reason.  It is both light and full of flavor.  It's widely believed that 3 out of every 4 Japanese people eat miso soup at least once a day because it is both delicious & nutritious.  This Miso soup recipe starts with an easy broth made from kombu (dried seaweed) and bonito flakes.  The broth itself takes less than 15 minutes to make from scratch, but if you lack the time or inclination you can just use dashi granules and water to make the base.  Honestly, this soup comes together so quickly. It is an excellent alternative to take-out and the flavor is just as good, or dare I say it, better.



. Instant Pot Carrot Soup with Garlicky Greens


You had me at Instant Pot.  If you have one then chances are you now how life changing it is (as in dinner on the table in 30 minutes, no problem).  If you don't own one yet, no worries- the Nutrition Lady includes stovetop directions for this easy soup recipe as well.  This creamy bowl of comfort food is vegan & paleo friendly while also being Whole 30 compliant.  The combination of coconut milk, red curry paste and tahini is like heaven in a bowl!  This soup is plant based by nature, but so creamy you would never know that it was dairy free.  As an added bonus you can make a big batch of this soup and freeze half for another date.  Busy moms/families- rejoice!







Vegan Chili


Chili is, without a doubt, the perfect winter comfort food.  Many people erroneously believe that you can't have a delicious vegan friendly chili, but this recipe definitely proves them wrong!  This chili is jam packed with vegetables & includes the traditional chili spices that make your taste buds sing.  The addition of black & pinto beans brings your protein levels up a notch and the sweet potato leaves you feeling full & happy.  The real secret ingredient here is the Mexican beer.  Make this vegan chili the next time you need to feed a crowd, and no one will know, or even care, that its meat free!




Winter is still with us, and chances are we will be needing a warm bowl of comfort food for several weeks to come.  Why not try out a new recipe that is not only good for you but can help warm you up from the inside out.

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