Top 5 Vegan Products for Summer (That You Can’t Live Without!)



While we absolutely live for the summer season, it can sometimes be tricky to find the products you NEED but that are also healthy, effective, and planet-friendly. We thought we’d do some of the leg work for you and put together this short list of our 5 favorite vegan products ; including items that are organic, cruelty free, and sustainable. Yippee!

If we FEEL better, we DO better, and we could all use a little of both these days. Read on and enjoy!


Brush On, Powdered Sunscreen – vegan and cruelty free. We are loving Colorscience’s new take on good old fashioned sun protection. This is a powdered, mineral version, that is as easy to brush on as any loose makeup powder. It packs a SPF 50 protection level and also comes equipped with an antimicrobial brush. It offers a sheer color tint, so you don’t even need to put makeup on underneath; simply tap, brush and go! How cool is this?! No more sticky white sunscreen lotion for us….


After-sun Aloe Vera Gel – It’s no secret that applying a little aloe to your skin after a long day in the sun can do wonders for your complexion and may also help to repair and hydrate surface skin cells. Not to mention, it just feels great! That soft, cooling sensation…it’s the best! We love this one in particular, Seven Minerals organic aloe vera gel. It’s available on Amazon (and made with locally grown Texas aloe!). This brand makes their product with real, freshly cut aloe and not dried powders or extracts – so apply liberally!

Sunglasses – aviator, cat-eye, wayfarer, oh my! The Emmaculate Vegan (a company based out of the UK) has curated an unbelievable collection of cruelty-free sunglasses made from only vegan and sustainable materials. Their wide variety of looks will ensure that your summer eyewear is attractive, practical, and good for the planet. And don’t worry, they have easy shipping options to the U.S and locations world wide.


Poolside Snacks – Craving some of those not-so-good-for you poolside snacks (think old school Funions and Cheetos)? Well Peatos is here to save the day! This fun-loving vegan brand has created the perfect non-junk, “junkfood” and offers a full collection of 100% plant-based crunchy snacks. Peatos’ versions are made from peas (not corn), have more protein and fiber than the conventional versions, and have zero synthetic colors, artificial flavorings, or GMOs. So bring on the better-for-you Pizza Rings and “Cheese” Curls!

Frozen Drinks – There is absolutely nothing better on a sweltering summer day than sipping a frosty, frozen beverage from your favorite re-usable cup. Our Coconut Cloud Frappe mix collection delivers all the frosted decadence of your favorite coffee shop ‘Frappuccino’ drink, but without the $7.00 per cup price tag. Not to mention ours is a better-for-you, dairy free, vegan version (duh!). Available in 3 delicious flavors; Mocha Latte, Salted Caramel Latte, and Frozen Hot Chocolate (great for the kiddos!), your taste buds will never get bored this summer. Simply add ice, water or nut milk, blend, and voila!