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The pandemic has reshaped our lives in many ways, and while some of that is difficult at best, in other ways it’s a blessing. For example, more people are planting gardens than in a long time, growing produce and enjoying the perks that come from family time, fresh air, and sunshine. Many people have used this opportunity to explore the health benefits of a plant-based diet, like lower blood sugar and improved kidney function. If you’re one of those folks giving gardening a whirl, read on as we explore some terrific resources on helping both your garden and your community thrive.


Seeds ‘N Starters

Before you can start digging, deciding what you’re going to grow is a must. All plants have different needs, and some plants are more challenging than others, so a little research will go a long way toward your success.

  • First, look at what vegetables are especially easy to grow, which ones are difficult, and decide what’s right for you.
  • Then decide whether you’ll buy seeds or young plants. Seeds need to be nurtured for germination and have particular timeframes for starting but are less expensive.
  • Young plants give you a headstart, which can be critical if you missed the window for planting them. Just study up on how to select healthy specimens.


Pick a Place

You might have a spot all picked out for your garden, but before you start tearing up your lawn, make sure you choose a location that matches your plant selections.

  • When selecting your garden plot, take the sunlight that area receives through the day into account, and compare it with the plants you’ve chosen to ensure you meet their requirements.
  • You can have your soil tested to ensure that it can supply your plants with the nutrients they require.
  • Overcrowding plants will deplete their access to energy from the sun, air, and soil. Learn about their space requirements before putting your plants or seeds in the soil.
  • Dying trees in the way? Enlisting a local tree service for removal can open up the perfect spot in your yard.


Happy Harvesting

As you start to see ripening vegetables, you’ll be anxious to savor them! There are many great recipes to explore, so you can make sure you have all the ingredients on hand when you start picking them for your meals.

  • When it comes to fresh veggies, salads are a natural go-to.
  • Consider whole meals pieced together from your garden for vegetarian dishes.
  • If you decide to put some of your food aside by canning it, Foodies Today has some tantalizing ways to serve them later.

Starting a garden is a wonderful, worthwhile experience in many ways. Not only can you enjoy some sun and fresh air, it’s a great time to explore new plant-based recipes.

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