Our Favorite Vegan Blogs Written by Women

Blogs are all the rage these days! We rely on them for product suggestions and reviews, lifestyle information, travel guidance and recipes. We picked eight of our favorite vegan, dairy-free, plant-based blogs run by fabulous women to share with you all! Check them out below!


  • First up is Nutriciously! A vegan lifestyle blog written by a young German couple aims to help spread their passion of veganism to their readers. Their site consists of delicious-sounding healthy recipes, lifestyle reading, and e-books and courses to help you transform your life. First on our list are their vegan cinnamon rolls! Dee-licious! 


  • The Full Helping’s recipes made us drool! In need of a fabulous vegan chocolate cake for your next dinner party? This recipe is to die for! Gena is a registered dietitian spreading the word of healthy foods and healthy souls through her passionate writing. She has also created a Plant-Based Kit to help newbies navigate a new world. 


  • Kathy at the Healthy Happy Life has a plethora of engaging content to inspire all areas of your life. From best lines of vegan shoes to remaining vegan on vacation, her writing helps to encourage readers to live their best lives – matter where in the world they may be!


  • The Spruce Eats is a fabulous site centered around dairy-free cooking. While many sites focus on recipes, The Spruce Eats offers many information articles to answer all of your dairy-free questions. For example, there is a post that caters to all of your oat milk inquiries. We love that this site is not only inspirational, it’s educational!


  • Vegan Richa takes care of all of your plant-based needs! Richa provides tons of vegan recipes including caramelized banana granola bars (YUM!), as well as cookbook suggestions, videos and all sorts of resources for bloggers. Her site is chalk-full of inspiration and information. Richa’s writing makes it feel like you’re talking to a friend. For stubborn mac n cheese eaters, like myself, it is difficult to want to give up dairy. Richa’s vegan mac recipe has me excited to try the vegan version!


  • Emilie Eat’s site is one of our absolute favorites! I’ve struggled to stay on the vegan and even vegetarian track but this site makes me want to drop everything and make transition now! Her recipes have variety and incorporate many different cultures, which I love! The site is easy to navigate and provides all of the necessary resources you need for healthy eating!


  • Chef Chloe’s site is colorful, well-done and filled to the brim with easy and delicious recipes. Chloe has been featured on The Today Show and is a wonderful vegan resource. The recipe that first caught my eye was her summer smoothie parfait; probably because it’s the dead of winter but it’s got me dreaming of warmer weather! Inspired by her recipes? She’s written a couple books, as well!


  • And last, but not least is Deliciously Ella! They create yummy plant-based products and are based out of the United Kingdom. Don’t live in the UK? Don’t fret! Their site provides loads of healthy, plant-based recipe inspiration including pancakes, pastas and so much more! Their kale, pomegranate and avocado salad is making me drool! Imagine what you can find!