How to put together a vegan-friendly, better-for-you Easter basket

Written by Lauren Durso | Managing Director at Coconut Cloud




We are totally inspired by the hints of Spring weather that we’re seeing and the upcoming Easter holiday – one of our favorite, bright, and whimsy days where everyone can release that child within them and let it run wild. This year we thought it would be fun to bring together some inspirational, better-for-you finds to help craft an elevated Easter basket with purpose and intention. Hopefully the article below will help you to bring joy and delight to the children (or grown ups!) in your life while also doing good for the planet and for your gut. Happy Hopping!


Nail down your basket


Skip the junky plastic basket from the grocery store this year and elect for an option that you can re-use year over year or one that is a bit more eco-friendly. We love some of these adorable and affordable options.. like a rope storage tote that you can use in the nursery or kid’s room after Easter is over, or a themed re-useable tote (instead of a basket!).


Also opt for a more planet-friendly, paper alternative Basket filler, that packs the same colorful punch in your basket, but without the added waste factor.


Fill it up!

Treats are a must for any easter basket, and we found some great additions that won’t leave you feeling guilty and are allergen friendly to boot. Let’s start with the star of the show…the chocolate bunny of course!




Vegan friendly Chocolate Bunny

Meet Jake, the milkless Easter bunny. He is a solid chocolate bunny who is free from the Top 9 allergens, vegan (of course!), and still oh so whimsical and delicious.


And don’t forget everyone’s favorite – those traditional, crème filled chocolate eggs. While the conventional versions of this seasonal delight is full of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and other not-so-fun stuff, Lagusta’s Lucious offers a vegan version made with ethically sourced chocolate, coconut milk, and organic powdered sugar. We also love supporting small-batch, artisanal businesses, so check them out!



Another fun idea is to add some non-bunny themed treat items, like cookies or hot cocoa mixes. Emmy’s makes a delicious and perfectly sized vegan coconut cookie (in a ton of different flavors), that will excite any cookie-lover, and our brand, Coconut Cloud just came out with a limited-edition Birthday Cake hot cocoa mix that kids absolutely go nuts for (no pun intended). All Coconut Cloud cocoas are free from the top 8 allergens and are vegan, plant-based, and non-GMO.




We know the actual Easter egg hunt itself is half the fun, so this year, try out some upcycled egg options and skip the plastic waste. We love these hand made, plastic-free Fillable paper eggs from wrappily. They come in awesome, bright spring colors and are durable enough to be used year after year without creating waste!




And finally, if you’re looking to fill up those eggs for hiding, these vegan sour jelly beans from YumEarth are just what you need. The individual, single serve packets also make them perfect for school treats or handing out to friends.


Treat-free options

If consumeable treats aren’t always your thing, it’s a great idea to throw in a puzzle, book, jump-rope, or even a cute pair of bunny socks as a great mix up to the traditional Easter basket fare. Check out some of these finds from local businesses and good ol’ Amazon.



We hope you have fun crafting the perfect, better-for-you, earth-friendly bunny basket this year. Enjoy the Spring weather, the budding daffodils, and stay sweet, kind, and healthy.


Lauren and The Coconut Cloud Team