How does Coconut Cloud’s Affiliate program work?

By having an affiliate program, we are able to easily connect with creators of all different backgrounds and content. Check out the ‘run down’ below for details on how our program works and what we’re offering!

Where do I start?!

We can reach out to you:

  • When we reach out to people, we want to know specifically how you collaborate with brands. When evaluating influencers and content-creators, we ask if you are interested in promoting our brand in exchange for our products, or if you require compensation. Media kits are reviewed upon request. More specifically, we like to see what people do and what they are interested in, and of course, determine if they’d be a good fit for promoting our brand.

You can reach out to us:

  • Another option would be to reach out to us directly! Are you interested in being a part of the coconut cloud cult?! And do you love our dairy free, vegan products?! We don’t have hardline requirements in order to establish a partnership with you, but we would prefer a few specific parameters in regards to social media promotion:
    • Instagram: 15,000+ Followers
    • TikTok: 25,000+ Followers
    • YouTube: 10,000+ Subscribers
  • After contacting us, you can proactively sign up as an Affiliate on our website on the “Refer & Review” tab under “Affiliate Program”. No prior approval is needed!

You can use our website to sign up for our Affiliate program and start earning cash:

  • Even if you end up not being a fit for a specific influencer collaboration with us, you can still sign up to be an affiliate through our website. You can sign up on our website on the “Refer & Review” tab under “Affiliate Program”. It takes just a minute to complete and you will receive your own personal product link to share with your friends and followers.

What are the benefits of the affiliate program?

By signing up for our affiliate program, you are guaranteed 10% commission from all sales made using your link. Our program carries a 30 day cookie, so after 30 days you must create a new link in order to continue earning that commission.

Overall, our affiliate program is simple and easy to use. Besides helping us boost our brand’s exposure and awareness, it benefits you through the 10% commission for all sales made and getting to try and promote our YUMMY products.

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate? Sign up today!