Cozy Up with Coconut Cloud!


It’s the time of year where the days are shorter and the temperatures are lower! I love fall and the holidays, but it takes me a few weeks into the “cool” season to get adjusted to the cold. Anyone else…?

Any-who, today we’re talking about a brand that is helping its consumers warm up 365 days a year! Introducing… Coconut Cloud!

Meet the Founder:

“My business started on a plane. Here I was, about to drink my coffee with no dairy free options on board. I am sure I drank the coffee black (since I can NOT live without coffee!) but I knew there was an opportunity for consumers like me.

Coconut Cloud was born out of my frustration in finding premium, clean label, dairy free on the go options for my coffee creamer, my night time soothing Golden Milk, for my comforting cup of rich, chocolaty cocoa during the chilly Colorado winters. My goal was simple when I started Coconut Cloud, I wanted to provide a Better for You choice for people just like me.

Using my 15 years of food experience, I spent a year sourcing the highest quality ingredients I could find to produce a line of minimally processed dairy free beverages.

All of our products are certified gluten free and don’t contain any unnecessary gums or additives that are found in many dairy free beverages.

We like to say that our products are grown on a tree, not in a lab. Enjoy!” (*)



I was sent their three of their hot cocoas: Salted Caramel, Toasted Marshmallow, and Original. These all tasted amazing and just like their flavor/name!


This brand is great for those who do (and don’t) follow a plant based diet!

I love how transparent this company is about their ingredients and how this drink is so easy to make! Like the directions instruct, all you do is scoop, stir, and drink! I recommend adding some vegan whipped cream or marshmallows, but that’s just me 😉

They also offer coffee, coffee creamers, latte’s, and much more on their website!


Check out Coconut Cloud on social media: Website  Facebook  Instagram