Coconut Cloud Announces Release of 3 New Dairy-Free Products

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DENVER - (BUSINESS WIRE) - For coffee and tea drinkers, waking up to that perfect, steaming cup is nothing less than sublime. Until recently, all the vegan, dairy-free, and health conscious java drinkers out there had to forgo coffee nirvana as a delectable, plant-based coffee creamer didn’t exist. Tundalaya Inc., a company driven to make the superfood movement convenient, accessible, and creamy, changed all this with the launch of their Original Coconut Cloud non-dairy coffee creamer.

As a response to consumer demand, the company has just released three new coconut-cream based hot beverage products; to elevate the ritual of coffee and tea drinking to Zen-like, plant-based bliss. As with their flagship product, the new vanilla flavored creamer and the two vegan tea lattes, are made from pure, natural, plant-based ingredients. The brand is committed to offering 100% dairy, gluten, and soy free vegan products – with zero carrageenan or titanium dioxide, two additives often found in other powdered coffee creamer and liquid nut milks.

Coconut Cloud Vanilla is a dairy-free, powdered coconut milk creamer with a harmonizing touch of natural vanilla. A spoonful of this creamy, dreamy vegan creamer can be added to hot coffee, tea, or cocoa for a warming treat. Coconut, a nutritional powerhouse, is rich in medium chain fatty acids which are naturally anti-viral and anti-bacterial. The ‘good fats’ in coconut are also linked to improved brain function and enhanced metabolism. Another cup please!

For latte lovers, Coconut Cloud presents a tantalizing duo of healthy, dairy-free instant tea lattes - Matcha Green Tea Latte and Turmeric Ginger Golden Milk Latte. The antioxidant-packed, coconut-based latte mixes can be stirred into a cup of hot water, sipped, and savored.

Matcha green tea and turmeric are matches made in heaven for creamy, softly sweet coconut. Matcha, which is made by milling sun-dried green tea leaves into a fine powder, is brimming with compounds known as catechins. Research has shown that these antioxidants can help with everything from slowing the aging process to enhancing mood, giving latte drinkers a delicious mind-body wellness overhaul in a cup.

Turmeric is equally invaluable for well-being. The natural compounds in this healing root are linked to reduced inflammation, better cognitive function, and improved blood sugar levels. The dairy-free Turmeric Ginger Latte pairs turmeric with black pepper, which boosts the absorption rate of curcumin – turmeric’s most powerful antioxidant – along with warming, immune-strengthening ginger.

The Coconut Cloud line was designed for convenience so all consumers can enjoy better for you, plant-based eating, even on the go. Unlike dairy, there’s no need to worry about refrigeration – and these products come with a 12-month shelf-life.

Tundalaya has done it again, showing the world just how powerfully good-for-you that sunrise coffee or tea ritual, or afternoon moment of warm, creamy euphoria in a mug, can actually be. Elevate your cup.

The 3 new Coconut Cloud products are available on Amazon.

Check out the full Press Release here.