Better-For-You BBQ: Our Top Plant-Based BBQ picks for Summer


Summer has arrived! Well hopefully. Here in Colorado it’s 84 degrees and sunny one day and then we get 6 inches of snow the next, so who’s to say, but WE…ARE….READY! (Cue the sunglasses on and cocktail sip).

And this year, we wanted to help take some of the anxiety out of party planning for a crowd who may not all be the rib-loving, carnivore types. Besides, it can get a bit boring to prepare the same 5 things every time the grill gets fired up and Memorial Day rolls around. There are so many creative and delicious ways to prepare plant-based barbeque options that will please not only the vegan and vegetarian folks in your circle, but also your meat-eating friends! Who can resist a saucy, savory, delectably prepared BBQ feast? Well we can’t!

So read on for a quick list of our top recipes of plant-based, vegan friendly finds that will make your summer cookouts all the more magical.


Craveable Corn On The Cob

Nothing screams summer like a juicy bite of grilled corn and getting your face a little messy as you type-writer right on down to the very last kernel. We found two vegan-friendly versions of grilled corn on the cob that will impress your guests and family alike. They are very different in flavor profiles which makes them versatile and fun to pair with whatever cookout theme you’re doing.

Mexican street corn is all the rage right now, and this vegan-version is every bit as ‘cheesy’, creamy, spicy, and ‘herby’ as the conventional version.

Garlic and Herb corn is a classic combo of savory herbs and rich, buttery flavors that will take you back to your favorite childhood memories; grilling in the backyard or enjoying a meal on the patio. This recipe features VioLife brand vegan cheeses and spreads that we can’t et enough of. This brand is by far one of the best plant-based options we’ve tried to date. Make sure to check out Violife vegan cheese’s full website for their complete collection of vegan-friendly cheese finds. They won’t disappoint! 


Tik Tok worthy tacos

Ok, so we 100% made this recipe up ourselves, but that’s because it’s SO versatile (and delicious, obviously). With our Avocado Mixed Grill Tacos, you can literally combine any veggies you want, as long as a firm, creamy, avocado plays the star role. As our supporting actors in this dish, we chose grilled corn, black beans, and a little grilled zucchini, but mix in any grilled squash, potato, or veggie that you like. We love Jamie Geller Jerusalem Mixed Grill seasoning as something a little different from the conventional grill seasoning; it gives a warm, middle-eastern inspired flavor profile to the veggies. Make sure to top with salsa, and we even found an amazing cashew lime crema to drizzle on top.


Killer Kababs

BBQ tofu kebabs – what’s more summer than grillables on a stick?! This fun format makes it easy to combine your favorite vegan eats all onto one skewer. What we liked about this recipe was that it mimics that traditional BBQ chicken flavor, texture, and look, but uses firm tofu as a swap in, and who could tell?! Mix and match your vegetable add-ins to make it custom to your liking.


Da Bomb Burgers

Being the veggie-lovers we are, we’re always on the hunt for the BEST veggie burger. The veggie burger patty has come a long way from the mushy black beans and oatmeal bricks of the past 10 years (back when ‘vegan’ was a four letter word), and we are here for ALLLL the upgrades.  Check out this recipe if you’re looking for homemade and want to craft a burger of your own from scratch. If you’re looking for a shortcut, we love this hit list of the 4 best store bought options.


Slammin’ Sides

Well what’s a good barbeque party without the sides? Arguably they are often the best and most anticipated part of the meal, so they better be delish. These recipes for Vegan coleslaw and Southern potato salad (vegan) pack the same crunch and punch as the mayo-loaded versions, but leave you feeling much lighter and more fulfilled. All you need is a fork and a plate and you’re ready to go to town!


We hope this post helped to inspire you about the different ways you can think about plant-based options at your next summer gathering. With a little creativity and out-of-the box thinking, you can change the way you eat and serve up some added love to your friends and family.

So go hit the farmer’s market, load up your basket, and fire up the grill…IT’S PLANT-BASED SEASON, PEOPLE!

Peace, Love, and Coconuts,


Managing Director | Coconut Cloud