10 Best Vegan Products for a Two Night Camping Trip

After a long quarantine, this summer is providing the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. With restrictions lessening more and more each day, camping is a great opportunity to go and get out there - to enjoy nature as well as the company of your significant other, friends, and family.

However, with any fun trip, it begs the question: What are the best vegan products I can find to make this vacation not only fun, but delicious as well?!

Well, pack your sleeping bags and set up your tents because today, we’re going to show you the 10 best vegan products you can bring for a fantastic camping trip.

Let’s start off with some of our campfire favorites:

1. Coconut Cloud Original Hot Cocoa

  • Coconut Cloud’s Original Hot Cocoa serves as the perfect night-time drink. Just heat up some water or nut milk over the campfire and mix in some of our favorite hot cocoa mix. You’ll have a sweet, warm, and delectable drink ready for you in just minutes.
2. Dandies Vegan Marshmallows

3. Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Graham Style Crackers

  • Kinnikinnick’s S’moreables are the best vegan alternative to your average graham crackers. Perfect for s’mores or just a regular snack, these sweet and crunchy crackers are perfect for any camping adventure.

 4. Hu Vegan Chocolate

  • Along with the previous two products, Hu’s Vegan Chocolate is a great snack as well as the ultimate topping to campfire s’more. Although some people may have a hard time getting past the fact that it is a dark chocolate, fear no more - Hu has a variety of flavors including Hazelnut Butter, Crunchy Banana, and more!

The three products listed above (Dandies’ marshmallows, Kinnikinnick graham cracks, and Hu Chocolate) are all perfect for creating the best vegan s’mores experience that you can find. After unpacking your graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, throw those fluffy white marshmallows on a stick above your fire until they are cooked to your liking. Place them on top of a graham cracker with a bit of chocolate and you are set with the perfect ooey gooey s’more.

These are some of our preferred products for camping at night, but what about the mornings and afternoons? No problem, we have you covered there too!

 5Coconut Cloud Happy Brain Original coffee + creamer

  • When the morning comes, it’s only right that you serve yourself with coffee of the highest quality. That’s where our Happy Brain Original coffee and creamer comes in. Our brains need healthy fats to perform at their best, and the Happy Brain Coffee line is here to give you the energy that you need for that next big hike.

 6.Coconut Cloud Original coconut milk creamer single serve stick packs

 7. Picky Bars PB&J Granola

  • Looking for a nice afternoon snack? Maybe an energizer while you’re on a hike? Picky Bars Peanut Butter & Jelly All Day Granola is a great solution. With 10 servings, this granola will feed you all day and night, and will keep you energized throughout it all.

8. Beanfield’s Vegan Chips

  • For those looking for something on the savory side of things, Beanfield’s Vegan Chips are the go-to for delicious tasting chips. Besides being absolutely delicious, they are packed with protein and fiber, giving you the nutrients you need when in and out of the tent. With a variety of different flavors, it is hard to get bored of these crispy, crunchy chips.

In comparison to everything else we have shown, the last two products we would like to show are meals, rather than snacks. Although we love snacking, it is always necessary to feed yourself and friends a good meal which will keep you going between snacks and other meals.

 9. Backpacker's Pantry Three Sisters Stew

  • Backpacker’s Pantry Three Sisters Stew is extremely simple - just add water to one of their serving pouches and you have an easy to eat meal ready to go in just minutes. Mixed with brown rice, quinoa, corn, black beans, zucchini and Hatch green chile, this hearty meal provides loads of nutrients and a delicious flavor. It is filled with a variety of nutrients which will keep you going throughout the day and night.

10. Patagonia Provisions’ Organic Red Bean Chili

  • Our last product on the list is Patagonia Provisions’ Organic Red Bean Chili. This delicious chili is filled with three different chiles for layers of heat and flavor. A nutritious source of plant-based protein and fiber, this chili is tasty and filling.

We hope this blog has made shopping for your next camping trip a little easier. Take a gander at some of these products and we are sure that your next camping trip will not only be a blast, but will be delectable as well.

Let us know what you think of this list, and if you have any suggestions, let us know! Now get out there and enjoy the nature.