Vegan Halloween Boards – Savory AND Sweet!

Image credit: Crowded Kitchen


Oh my board, it’s Halloween! If you’re like us, ALL we’ve been seeing on the world wide web these days is boards, boards, and more boards. Charcuterie boards that is! And treat boards, and butter boards galore.

Well since we’re on a dairy free, vegan mission to save the world (duh), we thought we’d collect a few of our favorite sweet (and salty!) vegan board ‘recipes’ for you to use as an inspirational quick cheat sheet for your holiday gatherings. We hope you enjoy the plant-based magic these folks have put together; and for the love, please let us know how those beet brownies are.



Coconut Cloud Team


Sweets first!

Check out Crowded Kitchen’s Halloween Dessert Charcuterie Board

From clever ‘fruit’ pumpkins and kiwi Frankensteins, to sweet vegan peanut butter cups and cookies, this AMAZING board has everything any kid, or grown up, could ever ask for.


Next, Savory!

When you’re looking for something to fill in that afternoon snack-gap, look no further than this yummy creation.

This simple but delectable Halloween snack board from Plant Perks delivers all the crunch, dip, and scooping that you look for in any good ‘charcuterie’ board. Mix and match your popcorn flavors and vegan spreads for even more variety.

And finally, if you want to craft your own, completely unique board, we have a hit list of the top vegan snacks for you to use.


Our friends at VegOut put together this article of delicious, seasonal snacks and sweets that will fit any theme or taste profile that you’re going for. This one even includes pumpkin spice flavored vegan marshmallows!


And don’t forget the beverages! You can mix together a big old batch of our Coconut Cloud vegan salted caramel hot cocoa for guests to sip on as they enjoy your snack board. Simply mix our cocoa with hot water or warmed nut milk, pour into your crockpot and set to “warm”. Stir occasionally and make sure to set out the cutest of your Halloween ladles and cups for guests to pour and sip with.


Happy Halloween to our Dairy Free Coco-loves!