Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Photo credit and recipe inspo: My Whole Food Life


For the crust:

½ cup gluten free rolled oats

½ cup flax meal

2 TBSP coconut oil

7 pitted Medjool dates


For the cheesecake:

1 cup raw cashews (soaked overnight)

½ cup Coconut Cloud Original hot cocoa mix/powder

½ cup maple syrup

1/3 cup coconut oil

¼ teaspoon sea salt



  1. In a food processor, combine the crust ingredients until a loose dough starts to form. Press the mixture down into lined muffin tins. I used silicone muffin cups and just a standard muffin baking pan.
  2. Place the muffin cups with the pressed crust mixture into the fridge for 10 minute to firm up. While the crust is firming, make the filling.
  3. Drain and rinse the cashews and add them to a food processor with the rest of the cheesecake ingredients. Blend well until the mixture is smooth.
  4. Pour the chocolate mixture on top of the crusts in the muffin pan.
  5. Give these at least 24 hours to set. You can eat them before then but they will be a little softer and not quite set until at least 24 hours.
  6. Enjoy!