Creative ways to spice up your Coconut Cloud Hot Chocolate in the outdoors

Content by Alisha McDarris

When the temperatures drop and days start getting shorter, there’s nothing more comforting and soul-satisfying than a warm mug of hot chocolate, especially when you’re enjoying some quality time in nature. 

In fact, when I’m spending a few nights on the trail or in a campground testing gear or discovering new places for my sustainable travel and adventure blog Terradrift (, vegan hot chocolate is an absolute must. Not only is it a comforting and delicious treat, but that one last warm beverage before bed can help lull you to sleep and keep you nice and toasty in your tent. 

And while a classic cup of cocoa is a beautiful thing, sometimes you want to spice things up a bit. So grab your Coconut Cloud hot chocolate mix and a few additional fixings and get creative! Here are my favorite ways to customize a toasty sip in the great outdoors.

Hot Mocha

Add a caffeine kick to your morning mug by adding coffee to your Coconut Cloud hot chocolate mix instead of plain water. Stir thoroughly and enjoy a sweet, satisfying treat that’s sure to kick-start your day.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Some like it hot. If that’s you, spice up your drinking chocolate by adding a dusting of cayenne pepper and a pinch of ground cinnamon to your hot cocoa. Make sure to stir well, then enjoy the kick.

Mint Chocolate Delight

I’ve always loved mint with chocolate. If you do too, try this cocoa upgrade using wild mint or a few fresh leaves from your fridge or garden: muddle about 4 leaves in the bottom of your mug, then add hot water and hot chocolate mix. Stir, sip, and enjoy!

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cocoa

If you find fresh berries on the trail, consider yourself lucky. If not, freeze-dried berries work beautifully for this strawberry hot chocolate. Drop about 3 dried strawberries in an empty mug, add hot water and hot chocolate mix, and stir well. The strawberries will rehydrate and pack a flavor punch!

Hot Chocolate Cocktail

A warming libation is a treat on the trail, but ditch the flask of straight whiskey for something sweeter: Prepare your hot chocolate with about 3/4 of the water required, then top it off with your favorite bourbon or rum.

Buckeye Hot Chocolate

Those who grew up in Ohio know all about buckeyes! A perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter, transform the idea behind this sweet treat into something drinkable. Mix Coconut Cloud hot chocolate mix and water as usual, but add a spoonful of dried peanut butter powder like PB2 to the cup and stir or shake well. Voila! Drinkable buckeye!

Bio: Alisha McDarris is a freelance writer and photographer who specializes in vegan food, sustainability, and outdoor adventure. She’s written vegan recipes for magazines like Backpacker, but also for her own sustainable travel and adventure blog and YouTube channel,