BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks
BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks
BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks
BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks
BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks
BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks

BULK: Original Creamer, 96 Sticks

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Coconut Cloud stick creamers now available in BULK at wholesale prices, in your choice of Original or Vanilla.

Perfect for the office, parties, catering, home. Easy to store.

You'll receive:

♦ 12 boxes, of 8 single serve sticks each, in Original Flavor

Add 1 Coconut Cloud creamer stick to your favorite hot coffee or tea, stir and enjoy.

Woman Owned
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Made in USA

Original Coffee Creamer




total fat


saturated fat







Discover the wholesome goodness of coconuts with our 100% dairy-free Coconut Cloud Original. Made from sustainably harvested coconuts and packed with energizing MCT oil powder, this creamer is the ultimate choice to elevate your morning cup of joe.

Whether you're a dairy-free devotee or trying to be a more conscientious consumer, you're sure to love the light and delicious taste of this coconut creamer!

  • DELICIOUS ORIGINAL FLAVOR: Enhance your morning coffee with the light and delicious taste of our Coconut Cloud creamer! Or reconstitute with hot water for use as coconut milk in your favorite recipes.

  • ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Finally a shelf stable plant-based powdered creamer that is sensitive to your dietary needs and preferences, made from dried coconut milk.

  • SIMPLE, HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: We believe in pure simple ingredients. Our non dairy creamer is made from fresh, premium coconut milk powder. Packed with energizing MCT Oil enjoy a better for you coffee creamer experience that helps boost and support brain health.

  • UNSWEETENED: Enjoy a delicious better for your creamer with low sugar (only 2 grams per serving), make this a decadent low carb treat.

  • MADE IN THE USA: Coconut Cloud is a women-owned Colorado based company. Fueled by a need for dairy free convenience, Coconut Cloud was born.




Original Coffee Creamer

Coconut Cream Powder (Coconut Cream, Tapioca Syrup, less than 2% Dipotassium Phosphate, Vegetable Fiber), Rice Starch, Acacia Fiber, MCT Oil Powder (MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber).

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