Indulge and Restore Bundle
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matcha green tea mix from coconut cloud
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back of the matcha green tea mix bag
Indulge & Restore Bundle (12 oz Pouches)
Indulge & Restore Bundle (12 oz Pouches)

Indulge & Restore Bundle (12 oz Pouches)

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Coconut Cloud Classics:  INDULGE & RESTORE (Cocoa + Matcha)

  • BUNDLED FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT: Included are two of our house favorites. You’ll receive 12oz of our Delicious, Instant Hot Cocoa Mix and 12oz of our Matcha Green Tea Latte Mix.
  • SIMPLE, HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: We believe in pure simple ingredients. Our non dairy drink mixes are delicious & made from fresh, premium coconut milk powder. 

Vegan, Dairy-Free Hot Chocoloate, 12 oz.

A deliciously creamy hot cocoa, with all of the chocolatey richness and none of the dairy!

Our instant, plant-based hot chocolate is packed with pure, rich cocoa powder and is perfect for your next camping trip or a cozy night in at home.

Simply add hot water, stir, sip, and enjoy!

Matcha Green Tea Coconut Cream Instant Latte, 12oz

Made with premium, 100% real matcha green tea, we’ve made your favorite latte healthier and still delicious.

Made with dried coconut milk and just a hint of coconut sugar, this clean, simple latte is sure to make you melt!

Enjoying your Matcha Latte is as easy as adding 2 tablespoons to hot water, mix and enjoy



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